The pace of our own lives and the forces of injustice in our world can feel both numbing and overwhelming. The spiritual and material challenges we face are deeply connected - as are the practices and actions to our collective liberation.
We can't heal ourselves or our community alone.

Shirley is a Chinese American activist, healer, writer, artist, teacher, sister and lover. She is a commitment to living free in an unfree world and participating in woman of color led experiments in radical self love, healing magic, and transformative justice. Together with her spiritual community and activist community in FCCAN, we are seeding Healing Justice, an intergenerational ritual which nourishes the body through movement based spiritual practices, cultivates a renewed sense of awe, joy, healing and connectedness for a community of dreamers, organizers, creatives, community members, and their chosen families. Healing justice has blossomed out of the truth that living systems and structures are learning and changing. In this moment of history, healing justice is a call to engage and learn from small experiments that center radical dharma, nourish critical connections with food justice, decolonize our yoga spaces and build grassroots movements in Fort Collins.