Therapeutic Yoga: Shirley’s asana teaching is unique in that it is grounded in the principles of both Western physical therapy and neurodevelopmental treatment, and somatic education to help you find an individualized practice of freedom through smarter and safer movement patterns.

Location: Appointments may be arranged in your home, a local yoga studio or Shirley’s small studio out of her home in Fort Collins.

Length of time: We find that 1 hour is a nice length of time for one-on-one yoga session. 1.5 hour sessions are great for those who will be traveling far or unable to attend frequently, or have a lot of specific inquiries.

Conditions and Customization: Private lessons are tailored specifically to you: your needs, conditions (pre- and post-natal, arthritis, etc, including any medical condition or injury), level of experience, special requests for adjustments or emphasis on healing from oppression and trauma, and specifically the degree to which you want to focus on meditation, spirituality or more functional movement based practice. They are not a replacement for physical therapy or counseling.

All Levels: Private lessons are an ideal platform for all levels of yoga students to avoid injury and return back to the foundations of developing core strength and stability in your functional movement patterns.

Rates: Shirley is dedicated to sharing her teachings in the community in an accessible and affordable way. Rates for Private lessons with Shirley vary on a sliding scale, depending on location and length. For current in person-in rates, please contact me.