“To know the body is to know it as a medium for the divine.”

- M. Jacqui Alexander


Powered by a belief in a world where all can be free and well, Shirley aspires to use community organizing and yoga asana, pranayama and meditation to engage with a contemplative, embodied approach to healing that isn't built by and centered around whiteness and dominance. It is time to remember that we hold the strength of our ancestors in our bones, our spirit as breath, our cultural traditions - and the wisdom of healing and remembering are in the lineage of our peoples. It is time to explore the ways in which the western spiritual world has remained too small by the invisibility of POC, women and femme POC, trans and queer POC.

 Shirley’s work doesn’t just de-center dominant narratives, but creates spaces which uplift the assimilated, colonized and invisibilized memories, to revitalize and embody an approach to healing and movement that is made for and by us.

Shirley’s Yoga Experience

Following her education in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Physical Therapy and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, her asana teaching focuses on moving the energy through the body in ways that promote better organ function, improved postural alignment, metabolizing ancestral trauma, and preventive holistic medicine. She has trained with renowned Tantric yoga teacher Amy Ippoliti specializing in Pranayama, Advanced Asana and Meditation techniques, Physical Therapist Lara Heimann and Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Tiffany Cruickshank of Yoga Medicine,  where she is currently enrolled in their 500 hour specialized therapeutic yoga training.